Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014


Sometimes I just think about my life. What I`ve got and what not. How I can live, what I`m allowed to do and where`s the border.
And my over all result is definitely: I can be glad to live my actual life ♥ 

I have food all the time. Family who love each other. Good living conditions. Enough money. Some luxury things. I usually get what I want. Parents who have got good jobs. A brother who is cute. Friends who are always there for me. People who like to spend time with me. No serious diseases. Healthy lifestyle. The opportunity to do sports whenever I want to. Good books. The possibility to go to school. Good marks. Incredible moments. No war or conflict in my country. Nice classmates. Funny teachers. A warm bed for the nights. My favorite music. A full closet and the opportunity to buy even more clothes. Magazines. Hot chocolate in the afternoon. Gossip Girl in bed. Warm hugs. Concerts and other amazing events. I`m just allowed to be free!...

These & much more are the reasons why I should be thankful. Thankful for everything ♥

Sometimes we just have to see the positive things in life because there are many moments we can make so. If we would be negative the whole time we would miss the good things because we`re too busy with being negative ♥

Furthermore I´ve read that people who are thankful sleep longer and better:) so... you know what to do ♥

Much love

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