Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2014

Christmas ♥

I`m definitely the most lucky person on earth right now!! Guess why..?

I just finished all my exams today:D In the last three weeks i wrote about 9 exams...and now i`m free:)

I have the time now to realize that Christmas is coming ♥

But my problem is that I haven`t got all the presents yet...My grandmother`s is still missing and I want to look for a better one for my best friend and my brother:o

Okay there`s a little story about my brother`s present: The day before yesterday i went with him (he`s 13) to the city because we always tell each other what he wants to get as a present (and yes it seems to be silly, but...). He told me: I want to have the movie "The wolf of wall street" & I was like: okay, good idea! AND I bought the dvd without reading the description... If you know the movie: It has a reason that it`s only for people over 16:o But I didn`t know it - my brother did but didn`t tell me - and my father said: have a good taste in presents for YOUNGER siblings...
Haha and now I think it`s better to buy another gift for him:D But of course I´ll keep the movie & I`m sure my brother will watch it anyway, so...
All in all i think this was a very pointless story, but i wanted to tell you something:D

Did you buy all the presents already?



  1. Hey finds voll cool, dass du deine Blogs auf englisch schreibst!:)
    Hab in der letzten Zeit auch richtig viele Klausuren hinter mir:D
    Aber zum Glück hinter mir!!:) Endlich.
    haha süße Geschichte :D Ist wolf of wallstreet echt ab 16?:O
    Ja okay eigentlich verständlich :D
    Liebe Grüße, Marina von

    Über ein Besuch würd ich mich sehr freuen!:)

    1. Danke schön:)
      Ja zum Glück sind jetzt erst mal Ferien:D
      & ja der ist ab 16 aber ich glaub ich verschenke den jetzt trotzdem...!:D

  2. Hi,
    würde mich freuen wenn du mal auf meinem Blog vorbeischaust.
    Lg Emilia