Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014

10 tips to survive school

1. dress beautiful
     you`ll feel more comfortable & "sexy":D 
2. take a lot of good food with you
     because food will make lots of situations more pleasant & you`ll be more   
3. stay with the persons you want to stay - not with the persons the "society" 
   wants you to stay
     first it`ll be difficult to separate from the "cool kids" but whatever?! You   
       can decide where you want to chill & anyway: There actually aren`t kids 
       who are more cool than other kids, so... don`t wait:)
4. make strangers some compliments
     you`ll see how much fun it is... just try it!
5. just take selfies in school
     they`re really good memories & for the advanced selfie-queens under you: 
       try to take them in classes:)
6. be well organized + calendar
     it`ll be more fun to go to school just because of an amazing organization &   
       you`ll feel a little bit like a higher student:D Also you can let write others in 
       your calendar to also make memories, maybe they write down something 
       nice you can read when you`re down!
7. bring some essential beauty- and make-up-products to school which you can  
    use in the breaks
     yes, i know: nobody wants to be the "girly-school-bitch" but if some friends 
       do it with you it`ll be fun and you`ll be from that moment on the "girly- 
8. talk with your friends
     that`s always a good idea... some topics to talk about: plans for the 
       weekend, last partys, new couples, hot guys, problems,...
9. take music and in-ears with you
     sometimes it could be very useful. When you have a free lesson or you`re 
       just not in the mood to talk that much on the day - it`s okay. Just leave 
       the reality and listen to your favorite music!
10. ALWAYS stay positive
     this is definitely the most important point because then all things will be 
       better! It´s okay to have a bad day BUT (now positive thinking:D): It`ll all 
       be over tomorrow and it`s just school! Don`t stress yourself too much:)

I hope this helped/will help you to survive school:)

Stay positive,


  1. Oh richtig cooler Post! :D<3
    Finde ich toll, dass du in Englisch schreibst :)
    Bei mir läuft übrigens gerade eine Blogvorstellung. Vielleicht hast du ja Lust mitzumachen? :)
    Alles Liebe Julie :)<3

    1. Danke schön<3
      Ja, ich versuch es auf jeden fall in englisch:D