Montag, 22. Dezember 2014

nobody`s perfect ♥

we all know this girl who seems to be perfect - who seems to live the perfect life. But what`s perfect?

-pretty. cool. lovely. nice. sporty. stylish. confident. popular. nice. skinny. spontaneous. open. refined. relaxed. smart. known. respected. rich. elegant. changeable. big eyes. eye-brow game strong. long legs. model body. long hair. cute smile. mature. tanned skin. big ass. nice tits. small waist. beautiful. loved by boys. many friends. good grades. modern. talented. no mistakes. no failure-

we all imagined these words - come`s normal! But it is definitely not true. Please, do you really think a person can be like this? Can have all these things? Can have NO mistakes? 

That`s the worst imagination we can have! Even if there`s a girl who seems to be exactly like the listed things...She always has got another thing which doesn`t fit in. Which she tries to hide. She pretends to live in perfection but inside she has got many unsolved problems. But she can`t show them because everybody thinks she is perfect. 

I know many girls like this. But i don`t mind. Some of them are my friends. Some not. But all in all they are just human too... 
So don`t be scared of "perfect" girls. Maybe they just pretend to be perfect or they just want to be perfect - but they never ARE perfect!

And just do me one favor: Don`t let them change you! Everybody`s perfect in his own way. You are somebody`s definition of perfection. 
& who know: Maybe somebody just think exactly these things about YOU:)


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