Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2014

essie nailpolish no*252 ♥

hey there ♥
how are you all? I hope you`re fine & you survived the Christmas days well:)
Today I just want to show you my favorite nail polish in the last time which I got from my brother for Christmas...

maximillian strasse her

Samstag, 27. Dezember 2014

What I got for Christmas - Inspiration ♥

Today I show you some pics of my presents I got for Christmas ♥

And just for your information: I really don`t want to show off with my presents! It`s just meant to be as a little inspiration:)

I know the photos aren`t the best ones but it`s already a bit dark here so it was difficult to take bright pics:D

This book is definitely inspirational...
& it teaches you to look at the bright side of life ♥

you think you know all about fashion & beauty...
and then there`s Lauren Conrad:)

I can`t tell you 
how much I´m in love with this music*o*

these eye shadows are really great in wearing 
& they are perfect for every unique eye:)

It tastes like mint, so why not?:)

a scarf for the cold days coming

Do you know `looking for alaska`? 
Please tell me how it is:)

I think I don`t have to explain it ♥

I also got a subscription for the Instyle again:)

some casual bracelets

Furthermore I got some clothes, a bag and different beauty stuff but I thought it isn`t really decorative so I didn`t took any photos of it:D

In the end i want to say thank you to all the people who gave me such beautiful presents ♥

Tell me in the comments what you got for Christmas, I`m really interested in it:)


Mittwoch, 24. Dezember 2014

Merry Christmas ♥

I really don`t have anything to say today...

I hope you`ll spend wonderful days with your family with lots of food, presents and fun:)

Much Christmas-Time-Love

Montag, 22. Dezember 2014

nobody`s perfect ♥

we all know this girl who seems to be perfect - who seems to live the perfect life. But what`s perfect?

-pretty. cool. lovely. nice. sporty. stylish. confident. popular. nice. skinny. spontaneous. open. refined. relaxed. smart. known. respected. rich. elegant. changeable. big eyes. eye-brow game strong. long legs. model body. long hair. cute smile. mature. tanned skin. big ass. nice tits. small waist. beautiful. loved by boys. many friends. good grades. modern. talented. no mistakes. no failure-

we all imagined these words - come`s normal! But it is definitely not true. Please, do you really think a person can be like this? Can have all these things? Can have NO mistakes? 

That`s the worst imagination we can have! Even if there`s a girl who seems to be exactly like the listed things...She always has got another thing which doesn`t fit in. Which she tries to hide. She pretends to live in perfection but inside she has got many unsolved problems. But she can`t show them because everybody thinks she is perfect. 

I know many girls like this. But i don`t mind. Some of them are my friends. Some not. But all in all they are just human too... 
So don`t be scared of "perfect" girls. Maybe they just pretend to be perfect or they just want to be perfect - but they never ARE perfect!

And just do me one favor: Don`t let them change you! Everybody`s perfect in his own way. You are somebody`s definition of perfection. 
& who know: Maybe somebody just think exactly these things about YOU:)


Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2014

Christmas ♥

I`m definitely the most lucky person on earth right now!! Guess why..?

I just finished all my exams today:D In the last three weeks i wrote about 9 exams...and now i`m free:)

I have the time now to realize that Christmas is coming ♥

But my problem is that I haven`t got all the presents yet...My grandmother`s is still missing and I want to look for a better one for my best friend and my brother:o

Okay there`s a little story about my brother`s present: The day before yesterday i went with him (he`s 13) to the city because we always tell each other what he wants to get as a present (and yes it seems to be silly, but...). He told me: I want to have the movie "The wolf of wall street" & I was like: okay, good idea! AND I bought the dvd without reading the description... If you know the movie: It has a reason that it`s only for people over 16:o But I didn`t know it - my brother did but didn`t tell me - and my father said: have a good taste in presents for YOUNGER siblings...
Haha and now I think it`s better to buy another gift for him:D But of course I´ll keep the movie & I`m sure my brother will watch it anyway, so...
All in all i think this was a very pointless story, but i wanted to tell you something:D

Did you buy all the presents already?